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My boyfriend   
06:25am 12/02/2004

I madeout with him, and hes my boyfriend now.

be jealous.
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03:53pm 18/01/2004
mood: accomplished
Too much vodka, too much missy, too much dance. I feel like when I walk I should be dancing cause its all ive been doing for the week. Even to music in the car, Today I found myself dancing in front of my cat and when I noticed her looking I danced towards her till she gave me a look and I think I sorta got embarassed. Anyways, It was fun until I had to leave bang last night and almost get into a fight with a squatter that was offended cause my friend didnt want his cigarette back that he just hit so he got all crazy. Trevor got kicked out so gilbert was worried and we went to find him and then he were out for 2 hours almost 3 and I was cold and it was bad, and yet, still fun. Jenns sick and shes no longer watching her cousins anymore so I wont get to see her as much and that makes me a little sad. ok maybe a lotta sad. Anyways, Im really bored, hence me writting in this thing cause I never do but I figured that my past few nights were worthy of a livejournal post but now that Im actually writting about it, its not that great. I think my liver is permanatly intoxicated cause right when my hangover was going away I go and drink more vodka last night, bad idea. very bad. I want someone to make me a mix tape. I want to makeout with someone. I want a valentine. I want to not loose best friends so fast even if im the one that dismisses them. I want to curl up in a ball .....wait no I dont, I want to run naked, drink more vodka and fuck freely

I dont know where that one came from but I dont think Im gonna go back and read it. I think I need to get out of my house cause im sorta in a daze and I may not be making any sense, all I know is that Im completely happy typing right now. I had so much fun with gilbert this weekend and Im glad hes my friend, nobody really knows the boy excpet jenn but for the rest of you HA the rest of you...like anyone reads this thing...sorry for you to not know him. Hes a bitch, I cocky asshole that can dance like no other, drink like no other and he makes me feel happy. We grinded at bang, how hott huh? in the hip hop room, yeah good times. Michelle and morgan came over today, haha michelle came over....its like she doesnt live here...oh thats right cause SHE LIVES WITH MORGAN...he totally disregarded my presence which is pretty sad seeing as how we were inseperable for like fucking 2 years straight maybe longer, now him and my sister are all cool and dating and kissing and holding hands and im sorta out in the cold, why? cause I talked shit...yeah I talked shit I was fucking jealous...anyways this thing got out of control and my tips of my fingers are numb this is the end of me rambling. jenn i miss you..OH OFFICE SPACE IS ON!
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I suck at writting journals...   
07:21pm 09/01/2004
mood: sleepy
Everyone of my journals tend to start out saying ....so i havent written in this thing in a while...i wonder why i still have it around, anyways. Kent came down last weekend it was pretty cool me and jenn and clint got a hotel room and drank and set off poppers we had matt over too and made loads of noise haha yeah..noise. good times tho. Tonight was shit, I did nothing like I guess I should be used to let downs for people Ive hungout with once before..ah well tomorrow ill hangout with matt and all will be good. I really want to write a long journal but my eyes are burning i wish that i had more energy buttt then again maybe it shouldnt be so late. i just wanna makeout....whats the harm?

OH and atkins fucking blows
12:59pm 25/11/2003
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I tried to laugh about it cover it all up with lies but...boys dont cry   
02:25pm 19/11/2003
mood: blank
The girls look really cute they only make it work they think im just a jerk...   
03:31pm 20/10/2003
mood: awake
me and jenn and kent went to a haunted house thing last night and there were so many cute boys trying to scare us so I saw a few inside this one house and I said oh wow, your hott and I had one really cute one that was walking behind everyone and I told him to walk with me and I guess if you touch them they have to touch you back haha or I guess there allowed to, so I touched this boy and I said hey, I just touched you...that means you gotta touch back so he grabbed my butt like, full long so we played grab ass till we had to part. I think he might have been like 16 or 17 hahaha uh oh. And this one came up when me and jenn were standing in the line and he kept trying to scare us so we're like, dude wanna makeout your pretty hott. And then he said "if you guys are serious get a piece of paper and write down your number, when I come back this way hand it to me" haha he sorta looked like danny elfman. amazing. haha me and jenn saw this girl in one of the haunted houses and said hey kent, get her number so he walked up and said hey can I get your....and she yelled get out like super loud haha BAM BAM shot down sorry kent.The last house I think it was or the seocnd to last haunted house this boy was cute hair was there and I said dude, I think I love you and before we left I ran back in and told him to give me a kiss and we saw him outside and jenn said he had braces but I didnt feel that when we was lip lockin, another young boy JESUS WHY! Anyways it was super fun but now jenn is sleeping WITH KENT!! ahhh same bed good lord. wait...same bed....my bed. fuck. I hope they dont. OH and to top this off, I traded one of my boyfriends to jenn for one of her boyfriends, PLUS 2 pogs and a slammer does it get any better? Seeing that its a POISON slammer it doesnt get much cooler.
The weather outside is frightful.   
11:23am 02/10/2003
mood: amused
Its sooo cold outside I LOVE IT. I haven written in this thing forever. Jenn had some crazy ass fucking party at her house jesus. And after I was kicked out I went home and slept or ...passed out. I dont really remember. but I have realized a lot of shit, who says being inside 5 straight days is bad. I think I went insane twice and it was liberating. I just hope that cabin fever isnt a real thing cause if it is I should have seen bunnymen by now operating on people. Actually I dont really know cause I never saw the movie. But on another note I finally got my birth cirtificate, there for a while I was thinking I was adopted it was taking my parents too long to get it but once they ran out of excuses here I have it. Well I am going to go now cause I have to fall asleep so itll make it easier to fast today.
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11:48am 25/08/2003
  new80wave: ok hi
xelectroxtrashx: okay
xelectroxtrashx: xelectroxtrashx: how are you sweets
adrienne_winstead02: shitty
adrienne_winstead02: you?
xelectroxtrashx: wonderful
xelectroxtrashx: a bit bored
xelectroxtrashx: why shitty?
adrienne_winstead02: cause my life sucks
xelectroxtrashx: why?
new80wave: oh man
new80wave: haha
xelectroxtrashx: hha
new80wave: shitty life ey?
xelectroxtrashx: haha
new80wave: nothing else?
xelectroxtrashx: adrienne_winstead02: lots of damn depressing things happen
xelectroxtrashx: why do you think your life sucks
xelectroxtrashx: explain?
adrienne_winstead02: hmm no its ok,doesnt really matter..
xelectroxtrashx: yes it does
adrienne_winstead02: hmm yeah i know,but,not to you..
xelectroxtrashx: why not
xelectroxtrashx: if not me then who\
xelectroxtrashx: hahahah
new80wave: hahahahahahah
new80wave: if not me then who
new80wave: brown noser
xelectroxtrashx: haha
new80wave: soap opera!!!
new80wave: i need the dirt!!!
new80wave: is the marriage in the dumps?
new80wave: tune in next week
xelectroxtrashx: adrienne_winstead02: me..
xelectroxtrashx: is your marriage in the dumps
xelectroxtrashx: your husband put on my bra once
new80wave: hahahahahahha
new80wave: hahahahahahahahahaha
xelectroxtrashx: adrienne_winstead02: umm,no..my marriage is fine....i guess
xelectroxtrashx: you let your husband where young girls bras?
new80wave: hahahahahahahahhahahahaha
xelectroxtrashx: adrienne_winstead02: sure..i dont really care,tre' puts on mine sometimes,meh
new80wave: hahahaha
new80wave: tre
new80wave: hahahahahahahahahahhaa
new80wave: what about mike? does he wear her underwear?
xelectroxtrashx: adrienne_winstead02: umm fun
xelectroxtrashx: id let tre put on my bra anyyyyytime
xelectroxtrashx: xelectroxtrashx: i have gas
new80wave: hahahahahahahahahaa]
xelectroxtrashx: adrienne_winstead02: hmm yeah well he wears it because he stole it from me when we did.stuff..
adrienne_winstead02: so meh
xelectroxtrashx: stuff?
xelectroxtrashx: like crack
xelectroxtrashx: or like anal?
new80wave: oh my god im gonna pee my pants
xelectroxtrashx: adrienne_winstead02: no
adrienne_winstead02: sex......yeah...heh
xelectroxtrashx: anal
xelectroxtrashx: did he lube up your butt
xelectroxtrashx: hahah
new80wave: anal with tre?
new80wave: lube hahahahahahaha
xelectroxtrashx: haha
xelectroxtrashx: adrienne_winstead02: er
adrienne_winstead02: no...
xelectroxtrashx: why not
xelectroxtrashx: everybody loves anal
xelectroxtrashx: fuck raymond
new80wave: hahahahahahahhahaha aoanauzahahjahapjuahahahaha
xelectroxtrashx: adrienne_winstead02: i didnt want him too..
xelectroxtrashx: but he thought he was being sneaky
xelectroxtrashx: diont you hate the sneak attack
xelectroxtrashx: like you dont no theres a dick in your as
new80wave: oh my god
new80wave: hahahahaha
xelectroxtrashx: haha im soo funny
new80wave: you are
new80wave: stupid adrienne thinkin she be all cool cause shes the wife if HIM
xelectroxtrashx: ahaha
new80wave: did you get the picture I sent?
xelectroxtrashx: yeah
xelectroxtrashx: it tottally looks like a picture froma movie premeiare
xelectroxtrashx: your dumb
xelectroxtrashx: hahhah
new80wave: I had a dream that you were doing drugs again and you were nice to all your other friends but me you were worse than before
xelectroxtrashx: hahahahahahah
new80wave: I felt like I was in an abusive relationship. youd beat me
new80wave: yeah it was bad.
xelectroxtrashx: hahahhhhahhhahahhaha
new80wave: Latest News: im a frigid bitch
new80wave: thats on your profile
xelectroxtrashx: hahah
new80wave: you must have updated that for a while
new80wave: have not*
new80wave: hahahaaha 2002
xelectroxtrashx: hahaha
xelectroxtrashx: yeah its been a while
new80wave: since you were an ice queen?
new80wave: yeah
xelectroxtrashx: hahahah
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04:54pm 22/07/2003
mood: crushed
I hate men. All he left me with was a broken out face and a burning tah tah.
Ok the last part isnt true but the rest is. 'HE' SUCKS!

the end.
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Good day....I hope..   
11:13am 16/07/2003
mood: blank
'He' comes out today to see me and then tomorrow is six flags and Im going back home with him. I miss dat kid. Michelle and morgan suck. the end.
02:16am 13/07/2003
mood: giggly
I got off the phone with 'him' and he said he misses me. Misses holding and kissin me. awe and then he said he longs for me and is excited about next week, man I miss him. 'him' ....I miss you too.

Tonight saw matt went out with the lovely jenn her hair and her looked hott. Oh like your suprised. I missed matt. took jenn home yelled out suck mah deeeick in resda at like 12am not good. I swear i was gonna be shot. well thats all.
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Blood brothers---Jenn cant stand them but there my new fav   
02:02pm 12/07/2003
mood: content
Garrett came over yesterday....Was it yesterday? I think so. But yeah, He gave me a blood brothers mp3 thing it was radd. And jenns here and bleached a streak or two in her hair and now we're off to garretts to record or something. I have new hair as well. All black except the brown side under pieces and I got some new big sunglases. awsome stuff. So this is the update. Peace
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Eff vidal sasson!!   
06:23pm 30/06/2003
mood: drained
Vidal Sasson is gay. that is all about that. I bleached my hair today but its like platinum roots and fades to orange. For some reason it almost works for me, But I have a back up packet of bleach so Ill do THAT tomorrow. I miss blonde hair. I really do. But now I miss black hair too. I cant let my hair grow dirty when I want to anymore. Confused is playing at the CIA on saturday but I remembered that kelly and brock invited me 2 weeks ago to go see 'Dead Man's Party' with them next saturday. I doubt ill go to that even how badly Ive been wanting to go cause Im out of money. Like seriously. I thought it was friday. I Miss jenn.
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I dont know about the rest of you but Ill be first in line for these hot tickets   
11:09pm 26/06/2003
  TheAdicts79: august 10th 2pac is commin back
TheAdicts79: hes making his appearance
TheAdicts79: hes not dead
xElectroxTrashx: hahhahah
xElectroxTrashx: what?
TheAdicts79: you think I lie
TheAdicts79: I had a talk about this last night
TheAdicts79: 2pac is commin back
TheAdicts79: him and elvis
TheAdicts79: from the island there away at
TheAdicts79: there gonna do a duet with mother teressa as there back up vocalists
xElectroxTrashx: hahahhaah
TheAdicts79: shes gonna dance for em
TheAdicts79: with her cane and shit
TheAdicts79: its gonna rock
xElectroxTrashx: hahahah
TheAdicts79: Im buying me tickets early
xElectroxTrashx: hahhhahahah
xElectroxTrashx: get me one
xElectroxTrashx: !
TheAdicts79: I hope they like have radio give aways
TheAdicts79: for sure
xElectroxTrashx: hahah
xElectroxTrashx: i have that shit on s[eed dial
TheAdicts79: I wonder what theyll call it......
xElectroxTrashx: hahah
TheAdicts79: faked our death tour
TheAdicts79: YEAH
TheAdicts79: im gonna have front row tickets
xElectroxTrashx: hhahah
TheAdicts79: I wish I could cut and paste this is a damn fine conversation
TheAdicts79: even tho your hahahaha'n
xElectroxTrashx: hahahahahahhaahahahah
TheAdicts79: when Im serious
TheAdicts79: in 2 pacs last cd he said hes gonna come back like jesus
xElectroxTrashx: hahha
xElectroxTrashx: he is jesus!
TheAdicts79: when he was dead a 2 cd disc set came out
xElectroxTrashx: and evlis is god
xElectroxTrashx: woah!
TheAdicts79: how did that happen jenn
TheAdicts79: how did that happen
xElectroxTrashx: hahaha
TheAdicts79: im telling you
TheAdicts79: mark your calenders
xElectroxTrashx: hahahaha
TheAdicts79: more notorious than B.I.G. for reals
xElectroxTrashx: hahahahahhahhhaha
xElectroxTrashx: im gonna pee
xElectroxTrashx: stop
TheAdicts79: you just went pee
xElectroxTrashx: im about to go again
Jenn Im staying away from your house!   
12:04pm 25/06/2003
mood: cranky
Happy Deathday!
Your name:xlipstickngunsx
You will die on:Wednesday, March 30, 2022
You will die of:Drive-By Shooting
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On other news, Still no job. I havent really been looking cause Ive been sitting at home being fat. That is all.
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Happy birthday Jenn!!!!   
08:37pm 20/06/2003
mood: cold
So Im waiting here for Miss Jenn and her friend to come get me and I dont know what we are doing, I think eating Thai food and then tomorrow is the Geh parade. Fun stuff. Jenn and I have to look good for the gays. Um.......yeah so Picture below. that is all.

OH and I graduated high school, Turned in 3 applications to various jobs.
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12:25pm 19/06/2003
  So right now im waiting on a taxi to take me to go get a job or well look for one. I hate looking for a job. :( hes here!  
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whoda thunk   
12:28am 19/06/2003
mood: tired
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Livejournal user name---LoveBites
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My weekend summed up in novel by Jenn
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I have none.
My anus is bleeding   
09:44am 15/06/2003
mood: chipper
A bleeding anus cloud, who'd a thunk it. They make
plugs for that, you know.

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Ok so I graduate on tuesday. Eeek! Last night I fell asleep early cause I was at the beach all day. And this morning I woke up really early cause its fathers day and I made my dad eggs and hash browns and a tortilla and coffee. Then my mom tells me to do the dishes and I almost had a breakdown hahaha I feel like I have to do everything in this house. Yes...My dad DOES have two other daughters but are they here to make him breakfast? NO. cause ones out with her drug dealer boyfriend and the other is watching my grandma. Fuck. Im so glad IM not a loser. I miss jenn.
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Don't Let Heroin Happen To YOU!   
03:27pm 10/06/2003
mood: chipper

The result of a young cry for help. You have to wonder if ozzys daughter isnt safe from drugs.....Is anyone really safe from drugs?

tonight is Jenn's birthday party and Im excited it WILL be fun I know it will. Anyways Im gonna go figure out what Ill wear....Just thought Id post this picture of kelly osbourne at rocky horror that jenn just sent me. I bet youll see it on Jenn's journal too. hahaha I just wanted to beat her to it.
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